Sound Memoir Proposal: “Anticipation”

For my sound memoir, I want to record an album that revolves around my involvement with rock and metal music (I am a drummer in a prog metal band called Modern Fuzz). I want to record a sound memoir that explores both my love for drumming and how it intermingles with my daily life, and depicts the anticipation I experience before playing a show.

To accomplish this, I will use a simple rhythmic ostenato as a musical motif throughout each of the album’s tracks. This rhythmic motif depicts how my fixation and love for music and drumming intermingles with my personal life. The album will consist of five or six tracks in various location: my dorm the moment I wake up in the morning, at my desk job, in a college class, in my car, and finally, at a show. My tentative track listing is “Morning”, “basys”, “IS 300”, “On My Way”, and “Finally”.  The rhythmic motif I will use is a 5/8 drum pattern that I use to begin one of my band’s songs. The listener will hear this drum pattern throughout every “station” that I live through leading up to my actual performance. These stations will not only explore my sense of anticipation to perform, but the juxtaposition between how people imagine a rock/metal drummer versus my fairly quite and sedentary life.

For example, the first track will feature my dorm room in the morning. My fan is humming softly, and cars slowly roll by my dorm window. My alarm goes off, and I promptly turn it off. I lay awake and still only for a few moments. Then, I behind to pat the rhythmic motif on my chest through my bed comforter. At work, I type out words on a keyboard to the rhythm of the motif. In class, I tap the motif with my finger and a pencil. I drum the rhythm on my car’s steering wheel while listening to the radio. And finally, I play the motif on my drum kit at an actual live show to start off my band’s first song (the final track will most likely be my band’s song in its entirety, played on February 18th at the Baltimore Soundstage).

I will record “Morning” on the morning of February 17. I will record “On My Way” and “Finally” before and during (respectively) my performance at the Baltimore Soundstage on February 18. I will record “basys” on the morning of February 20, and I will record “IS 300” during my afternoon class on February 20.

My project is somewhat inspired by Aric Improta’s “Drums Thru 17 Countries+32 States in 2 min.” video (whose band I will be opening for on February 18, SO EXCITED).

*Note: I am not entirely sure what I’m going to do for narration yet. I will keep brainstorming on that. Also, I realize I’ve listed quite a few themes. They are a bit scattered for now, but I will streamline them as the project develops.


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